Getting started

SimplexGate is a Cloud VPN for secure access to browser based applications which can be set up nearly without IT skills.

With the new version 5.5 of pinRemote there is a optimized interface for SimplexGate. In a few minutes the secure, browser based access to enteprise apps can be set up.


Installation is very easy and takes only some minutes.
The SimplexGate Cloud VPN ist just installed on the  pinRemote Server.

 pinRemote Cloud VPN Setup


And here is the link to Download of SimplexGates Cloud VPN


The advantages are perfectly obvious:

  • Although pinRemote already supports SSL encryption, SimplexGate fulfills all security requirements for companies with a higher need of security.
    Certainly without the disadvanteges of a classical VPN regarding the setup and maintenance of VPN clients, issues in hotels etc.

  • In addition there is support für the free certificate system Let’s Encrypt, so that cost for certificates can be saved.

  • No firewall adjustments have to be made

  • In a few minutes the browser based access to enterprise desktops and apps via VPN can be set up