PC in data center

Desktop access can currently by made by a Laptop/PC, a terminal server or via VDI infrastructure. We want to go a different way here.
If servers are already in data center why not also the desktop PC?
Separation of display device and desktop is therefore the first step.
Pintexx PC Rack is a 19″ rack with a newly developed bracket with 2 pico boards each. One rack can conatin up to 28 PC boards..


Pintexx “PC Rack” offers the following advantages:

  • No access licenses required
  • Entire device performance per user
  • Optimimized Pico boards of different performance
  • Reusable as Business Device


But this are the not the only advantages. Multiple PC’s can be pooled. The related software controls access to PC’s.

Pintexx “PC Pool” has the following advantages:

  • Software controls access to free PC
  • Turn PC on as required
  • Turn PC off after usage
  • High failover safety
  • Highly energy-efficient


Based on our experience with “Remote” solution we recognized, that around 50% of desktops are used in parallel.

By using PC Rack and PC Pool the number of required PCs can be reduced to 50%!


Further informations are here.