Enterprise  Software Infrastructure Apps can be installed and updated by button click.
Clientless – Only a browser required
All apps are reachable by a browser from all platforms.
One user management for all Apps All apps use Active Directory as user management system.
One central access The customizable Portal App is the central access to all apps.
For Windows, Linux and Mac Available as ready to run Virtual Machine (VMWare und HyperV).
Single Sign On and 2-Factor All user apps support Single Sign On and 2-factor-authorization.
Cloud and OnPremise Runs as Virtual Machine in cloud or local data center.
Transparent license model Only used apps are provisioned per user per month. The cancelation period is 1 month.
DSGVO compliant data storage Data transfer happens only between system and user. No external servers are used.
Based on latest standards The system is based on latest standards like HTML5, SSL, WebRTC, WebDAV, Radius, RDP