pinApps currently consists of the following applications (Apps):

Remote App
The Remote App supports access to a PC or desktop inside a terminal server or virtual machine. Local printing, data exchange, dual monitor, smartcard and 2-factor are supported. Remote App replaces pinRemoteX and also pinRemote in the long term.
Portal App
The Portal App is the central access point to all other apps. It supports 2-factor authorization and single sign on. It can be individually configured and can use all ressources, that can be called by a url.
Chat App
The Chat App supports text and video chat as well as single persons and groups. Chat rooms can be configured individually. File upload and email notification are also supported.
Docs App
The Docs App is a HTML5 WebDAV client that connects to a any WebDAV server. All standard file functions are supported as well as upload and download of files. Shares can be configured as virtual drives.
Admin App
The Admin App manages the individual usage of apps and offers a calculated and real cost overview. By simple adding users to an app the access is allowed.
Applications App
Via Applications App the apps can be installed or updated from an app store by button press. In addition to it Apps can be stopped and started.
System App
The System App manages the technical deployment of an app via a name (Proxy). Additionally the secure access via own certificates or Let’s Encrypt can be setup here.
The Users App is an alternative to Active Directory based on a LDAP directory.
Console App
The Console App manages remote support of the system by a support person. Via System App remote assistance can be activated and deactivated.
The Phone App is a web based SIP client for direct connection to your telephone system with all common phone functions.
The Contacts App manages addresses, provides import/export features and can synchronice with Exchange.