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Pintexx Workplace is a comprehensive platform for digital workplace.


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From VPN to browser based solution

With a browserbased access solution there is a valuable alternative to a VPN, which has also further advantages at the same time.

Our “Remote” product is one part of the Pintexx Workplace solution and offers the following advantages:

  • No client installation required
  • 100% separation between private and official usageg
  • Consistent SSL encryption
  • Scalable for several thousand users
  • Integration into available systeme
  • Clear cost advantage versus VPN


A detailled comparison between a VPN and our browser based solution and further information can be found here.

WEB Desktop & central auth. system

“Cockpit” is one part of the Pintexx Workplace solution.
“Cockpit” is a browser based desktop with 1-button operation for different device and applications.
But “Cockpit” is also a central portal with different authentication methods like Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS etc.

Highlight is the first-time authentication via digital identity card (Germany only). No extra readers are required as an app can be used on a smartphone.


Cockpit offers the following benefits:

  • Authentication via eletronic identity card
  • WEB Desktop with simplest handling
  • Further authentication methods
  • Integration of all web apps in network
  • 2-factor-authentication
  • Single-Sign-On


Further informations are here.

Separation of display device and desktop

Pintexx “Business Devices” are perfectly integrated in Pintexx Workplace solution. Because of low hardware requirements very econimc solutions can be offered.


Advantages of Pintexx Business Devices:

  • One operating system for all devices
  • Integrated phone via Workplace „Phone“
  • Highest security – no data can be saved on device
  • Central administration of all devices
  • Cockpit as desktop
  • Access to Windows desktop via „Remote“
  • Pintexx Workplace App supports mobile devices
  • For office & home office
  • Multi-Monitor/Local printing


pinStation is a Mini PC and is suited as workstation with 2 monitors.
pinStation can be ordered in Pintexx-Shop.


pinStick is a USB stick with pinOS for all INTEL devices. Therewith also old devices can be turned into or resued as Business Device.
pinStation can be ordered in Pintexx-Shop.

A IMAGE is available as download for own USB production.


pinBook is a 14″ notebook with integrated pinOS.
pinStation can be ordered in Pintexx-Shop.


pinPhone is currently no own Pintexx hardware but consists of Android or iOS smartphone with free Pintexx Workplace App.
Some smartphones support an external monitor via USB-C and a desktop extension. Then smartphone can be used as PC.


pinPhone is currently no own Pintexx hardware but consists of Android or iOS tab with free Pintexx Workplace App.
Some tablets support an external monitor via USB-C and a desktop extension. Then tablet can be used as PC.


Because pinOS can load any web application (usually Pintexx “Cockpit”)  it can also be used as digital signate appliance e.g. digital doorplate.


Further informations are here.





No difference between office and home office

Home Office becomes more and more important.
Event though there is abig difference between a connection from outiside or from inside the company..
Although demonstrably most security attacks are from inside, this is not completey understadable. That’s why we favor basically same security level on all locations..

“Zero Trust” architecture

• Same security for office and home office


Pintexx Business Devices support this approach optimally as it does not play any role if a device is used in office or home office.

Pintexx “Business Devices”

• Central administratio of all devices in office and home office
• Device functional without change in office and home office


Further informations are here.

PC in data center

Desktop access can currently by made by a Laptop/PC, a terminal server or via VDI infrastructure. We want to go a different way here.
If servers are already in data center why not also the desktop PC?
Separation of display device and desktop is therefore the first step.
Pintexx PC Rack is a 19″ rack with a newly developed bracket with 2 pico boards each. One rack can conatin up to 28 PC boards..


Pintexx “PC Rack” offers the following advantages:

  • No access licenses required
  • Entire device performance per user
  • Optimimized Pico boards of different performance
  • Reusable as Business Device


But this are the not the only advantages. Multiple PC’s can be pooled. The related software controls access to PC’s.

Pintexx “PC Pool” has the following advantages:

  • Software controls access to free PC
  • Turn PC on as required
  • Turn PC off after usage
  • High failover safety
  • Highly energy-efficient


Based on our experience with “Remote” solution we recognized, that around 50% of desktops are used in parallel.

By using PC Rack and PC Pool the number of required PCs can be reduced to 50%!


Further informations are here.


Pintexx Workplace is available as ready-to-run virtual machine.

There are currently versions for


Further variants can be created by conversion tools.



All licenses iclude standard support and maintenance for the licensed time. Special support services can be arranged individually.

Pintexx Workplace appliance (VM)

Licensing is based per workplace/month/user.

After a minimum of one login of a user to an app per month the provisioning is started. Cost overview is visible for end user as well as reseller.

There is distinguished between maximum cost and real cost. Maximum cost is calculated by number of users per app of assigned AD group. Real cost are calculated by user logins (s. o.)

Pintexx workplace can be evaluated over 45 days without limitations.

Pricing starts at 3,00/3,57 (inkl. tax) EUR per user/month for Pintexx Workplace “Remote”.
All modules can be licensed separately.



Evaluate Workplace

Appliance (VM)

A 45-day unlimited evaluation license for VMWare and HyperV can be downloaded on download page.


pinBox II is a mini PC and is based on our Pintexx Workplace platform.


Awards & Test

Pintexx Workplace (former pinApps) has been honored of “Bundesverband der IT-Sachverständigen” with the highest score of 5 stars.


Pressebericht Pintexx Workplace

Funktionstest Pintexx Workplace


You can reach our support by email at

Please tell us the product name and the version you are using.


Oline help for Pintexx Workplace is here.

(Deutsch) OnlyOffice Integration

OnlyOffice is completely intergrated in Pintexx Workplace.

An empty document can be opened directly in “Cockpit” to start one of the 3 editors.

Via “Drive” corresponding documents can be opened by using the integrated open dialog in toolbar.

Same works for loading images.