Getting started

pinRemote is a high performance web (socket) server that provides a gateway between RDP and HTML5.

With HTML5 technology access is possible from any device (including mobile devices) that have a HTML5 compliant browser.

With pinRemote it is easy

– to provide access to your (virtual) desktops in most VDI platforms

– to provide access to any application running inside an RDP session


Honored from experts!

The federal association of IT Experts has audited now pinRemote and awarded a quality seal with 5 stars.

“With its many useful and efficient features, its flexible and fast integration and, last but not least, the user-friendly handling, the application “pinRemote” could convince in our evaluation.

pinRemote Audit Report


Please find all further information in our flyer.

pinRemote Flyer

Why pinRemote?

Why HTML5?

  • No Client setup: No apps, no MSI, no updates, no different software versions for different systems, no support issues
  • Available on ALL important systems
  • Standard: independant of manufacturer
  • Stable


Why a HTML5 Gateway?

  • No client software required with all disadvantege like setup, updates
  • No client configuration required
  • No VPN required, when accessing remotely
  • Central administration of connection parameters like Gateway IP or desktop IP
  • Mobile devices can be used as Thin Clients


Why exxWeb-it?

  • 3 solutions in one: desktop, applications and special features for office
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Best mobile support with mobile keyboard and mobile mouse
  • Scalability/Load balancing/Failover
  • Best alternative to MS RD Web Access
  • Best alternative to Citrix HTML5 receiver

New in pinRemote 5.5

New in 5.5:

  • Integration with SimplexGate Cloud VPN
  • WakeOnLAN Windows Service
  • Diverse optimizations


New in 5.1:

  • Datev Smartcard support
  • Diverse optimizations


New in 5.0:

  • Multi monitor support
  • Multi desktop Configuration via profile
  • Separate admin page only for admin login
  • Admin page can be opened only from local network
  • Radius Accept Challenge support for 2FA
  • Taskbar for RemoteApps
  • Multipe file upload
  • Extended password hashing
  • Bug fixes and small enhancements


New in 4.0:

  • Support for groups
  • Direct access via link
  • Gateway Push Modus
  • Optimized for high user load



New in 3.5:

  • Google Authenticator support
  • RADIUS support
  • Wake On LAN
  • Configuration via Active Directory


New in 3.1:

  • New designed portal with many extensions
  • Smartcard support
  • Multiple configurable desktop connections
  • Fully overworked logic for providing applications
  • Inheritance of settings
  • and much else


New in 2.5:

  • Now with integrated Remote Support
  • Many extensions in Portal and in Admin Tool


New in 2.2:

  • Perfect cooperation with Active Directory. Support for AD users and local users and combinable settings
  • Integrated 2-factor-authentication with One Time Password by email or text messages


New in 2.1:

  • The new exxWeb-it portal application allows easy configuration of users and access rights to desktops and applications
  • The new mobile Windows keyboard has especially been developed for mobile device to provide a full blown Windows keyboard with different layouts
  • The new mobile Mouse is available on mobile devices for better user experience when using desktops or Windows applications
  • Better support for Remote Desktop Service professional features like broker and server farms
  • More configuration options in exxWeb-it admin tool


The illustration shows the basic pinRemote architecture.

Standard Login Mode
In Standard Login mode the HTML5 client accesses the pinRemote gateway.
The gateway connects to Cloud Desktops/Applications by using RDP protocol.

Automatic Login Mode
This unique feature does not require a system user login/password from the client when using Cloud Applications.
pinRemote’s listener service determines free RDP user slots and assures, that each application is executed with an own system user.
The Cloud Application is not directly started but executed by an application container.
In addition the pinRemote Client is able to communicate with the application container and thereby also with the Cloud Application.

The benefits are:

  • No system login/password is transferred from client to server
  • Run as much Cloud Applications as you want without the need of system configuration
  • Before the Cloud Application is executed the Application Container calls an Extension for preparing purposes

Network Topology

The illustration below shows a typical pinRemote network topology.

From outside only the SSL port is required, RDP is only used inside the network.

Mobile Devices

pinRemote turns your mobile device in a full Thin Client.

The integrated mobile Windows keyboard gives you the same options as using a Windows keyboard:

The mobile mouse allows you to use your tablet in a similar way as your PC:

The pinRemote office extensions allow direct access to your tablets cloud storage e.g. your Google drive to open documents and edit and save it back.


For accessing desktops pinRemote offers 3 security levels:

1) Direct authentification between portal and gateway

2) Portal authentification of the user

3) Login to Windows of the user

The communication between the browser and the portal/gateway is secured by SSL.

pinRemote Desktop

pinRemote supports diverse scenarios for accessing desktops.

Please read the pinRemote Desktop Guide.

pinRemote Application

pinRemote supports 3 different options to provide applications.

Standard Mode 
RemoteApp  Mode
pinRemote  Mode

Please find more information in pinRemote Application Guide.

pinRemote Office

pinRemote allows web access to office applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint with special benefits for mobile devices.

  • The built-in Windows keyboard provides a similar environment as under Windows
  • The mobile mouse offers a better user experience because of support of left and right mouse key
  • Access to local documents or documents in the cloud storage of the device is directly possible

Scalability/Load balancing

The pinRemote server is highly scalable and supports load balancing and failover features.


pinRemote supports a 2-level scalability, Cluster and Multi-Clusters.
When using Cloud Applications a Cluster can be configured, consisting of one pinRemote gateway server and multiple RDP servers.
Multiple clusters can be configured to a Multi-Cluster system.


Load balancing/failover

The pinRemote gateway detects the existance and workload of the configured RDP servers and selects the one with the lowest workload before connecting.
This method guarantees a consistant workload for all configured servers and guarantees that a connection is established if at least one working server is available.

In a Multi-Cluster environment the system checks the available gateways and theit workload and connects accordingly.


Hier finden Sie eine Liste aller redaktionellen Beiträge für Fachmagazine:

Remote Access: HTML 5-Gateway versus VPN / RDP
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Please find additional information in the below listed documents:

pinRemote Desktop Guide

pinRemote Application Guide

pinRemote Manual



To make installation and configuration of pinRemote easier there are some trainings videos:


Software Requirements

pinRemote can be installed on the following systems:

  • Windows 2019
  • Windows 2016
  • Windows 2012


pinRemote requires .Net 3.5, IIS for the portal and a RDP server like MS Remote Desktop Services for accessing desktop/applications or a VDI platform for accessing virtual desktops.
If Windows Remote Desktop Service (former Terminal Server) is used please consider the license conditions.


Hardware Requirements

The pinRemote server is able to run several hundred parallel sessions on corresponding hardware.
The RDP server/VDI platform has to be equipped accordingly.

The more memory and CPU cores are available the more parallel sessions are executable.
The real memory/CPU needs are dependant of your application and desktop needs.

For developers

To use the extended features of pinRemote a comprehensive SDK is available.
The SDK is available for MS Visual Studio written in c#.

The SDK enables developers to integrate the pinRemote HTML5 client easily into their web application by just using some lines of code.
The SDK also contains a Project to create pinRemote server extensions.

The SDK can be downloaded separately from the download area.


Licensing depends on which (operating) systems are used.

The following elements have to be considered regarding licensing:

  • Operating system
  • Applications like MS Office
  • pinRemote


Licensing Operating System and Services

1.) Windows Server

When using a Windows server operating system please consider licensing conditions of the manufacturer.

2.) Alternative Terminal Server Solutions

There are alternatives for Terminal Server. They work on server systems as well as on Windows 7/8.
For licensing question please contact the manufacturer.


Licensing Applications

Licensing of applications is based on the license conditions for the used application.
Therefore licensing of MS Office is based on the licensing conditions of Remote Desktop Services.


Licensing pinRemote

pinRemote is licensed per user sessions (connections).


Pricing is based on a rental/subscription model and starts with 10 users for pinRemote, 5 for pinRemoteX and 1 for pinBox.
Installation support and updates are already included.

Please contact us and we create an individual quote.