Getting started

The Pintexx Sharepoint Extensions provide all pinRemote Features in Sharepoint.
This extends Sharepoint to a universal portal.

  • Online Office: Edit documents in Sharepoint Dokumente with standard office programs direclty in Browser (no OWA)
  • Remote Desktop: Access your desktop in Sharepoint directly in browser
  • Remote Apps: Access Windows applications in Sharepoint directly in browser

Online Office

With the Online Office feature documents can directly be edited in browser with standard programms Word, Excel und Powerpoint.


  • Because the standard Office applications are used and not the OWA (Office Web Applications) there are no compatibility issues and also larger files can be edited
  • Documents can also be edited on mobile devices
  • A local Office installation is no longer required

Usage in Sharepoint:

Edit a documents in new browser windows/tab:

Remote Desktop

With the Remote Desktop feature Sharepoint users can directly access their desktop in browser.

Usage in Sharepoint:

Access Server/Desktop:

Remote Apps

With the Remote Apps feature Sharepoint userscan directly access published Windows applications in browser.

Usage in Sharepoint:

MS Paint in Sharepoint:


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