Getting started

pinBox is an interesting alternative to a traditional VPN, that’s why we call it “Web VPN“.

pinBox is a Hardware Box which is connectwed to local network. Via internet every PC or terminal server in network can be accessed by a HTML5-compatible browser.

No installation or configuration is required for the accessing user. Access is made encrypted by SSL/https via own certificates or Let’s Encrypt.

pinBox supports 2-factor authentication via email or Google Authenticator. The WakeOnLan feature can turn on a PC before connecting. pinBox supports dynamic DNS services as well as clipboard, upload/download and local printing.

pinBox is perfectly suited for home office workplaces and remote support.


pinBox Flyer (translation in progress)

Review(in German)

Why pinBox?

The pinBox extends our product offerering for Remote Access products.

  • For users, that do not have a Windows server
  • For users, that can not run a virtual machine
  • For slight user numbers
  • For an affordable entry


The pinBox is based on a Raspberry Pi 3 device.
A power supply with adapters for EU, UK, USA, Australia as well as a network cable are enclosed.


In the Admin tool links are generated that are forwarded to users. The user opens the link in browser and is automatically connected with the PC.


Please find more documents here:

 pinBox Manual

 pinBox Flyer


To find the pinBox in network you can use our detector tool.


If there are issues accessing pinBox or if pinBox software shall be updated then our pinBox Rescue Tool is available:

pinBox Rescue Tool

Download zip file and unzip. Run RescueTool.exe , enter IP address check. Then select options and start.


Pricing (in EUR):

Users Without tax With tax
1 108,40 129,00
2 150,42 179,00
>10 On demand


Pricing (in £):

1 115,00
2 155,00
>10 On demand


The number of user licenses means the “concurrent” access of this number to a PC.
But access can be configured for an unlimited number of persons to unlimited PC’s.
Additional licenses can also be purchased afterwards for the price difference.

License is unlimited and contains free updates.

The pinBox can be ordered online here.

We also offer an installation service.


The pinBox can be purchased in those shops:

pinBox I

pinBox II


The pinBox has been reviewed in the following magazins:

Raspberry Pi Geek Edition 5/6-2019


To get an introduction of our products or to find additional information about e.g. configuration our product videos are available.

Pintexx Produkt-Videos

Installation service

The pinBox installation service offers setup of pinBox for access via internet.

This includes:

  • A free sub domain (e.g. or vai dynamic DNS provider)
  • Setup of port forwarding
  • Setup of encryption (https) via Let’s Encrypt


The installation service is offered  for 39,00 EUR incl tax.


It works like this:


pinBox will then be setup within max. 2-3 days.