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We develop software in different areas for different customers. This includes both software products and individual solutions.

The focus is the redesign of the digital workplace on the basis of digital sovereignty with many new ideas and concepts.

Thousands of users use our products in their daily work.

Our guiding principle stands for all our products and solutions:

"Simplify and Unify"

We stand for

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For us, innovation means breaking new ground. Not the way that many go. This is more difficult, but ultimately leads to progress.

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Added value

Our goal is always to achieve added value for the customer, be it through something new or an improvement.

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Customer welfare

What our customers particularly appreciate about us is that the customer's well-being has high priority. We are open to discussion and usually always find a solution.

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We rely on standardization wherever possible. In this way, we also fulfill our guiding principle.

Our Solutions

Pintexx Workplace

The platform for more digital sovereignty.

For the individual construction of digital workplaces according to company­specific requirements.

Available as a complete or individual solution.

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