Getting started

Our Remote Access VM solutions are available as ready to run Virtual Machines.

  • Available for VMWare and HyperV
  • Based on Linux
  • Preconfigured and ready to run

Why pinRemoteX?

pinRemoteX is currently a sub set of the features of pinRemote but has those advantages:

  • pinRemoteX is available as VM (Virtual Machine), therefore NO installation is required
  • pinRemoteX runs at Linux so that there are no license cost
  • pinRemoteX requires only one port ( pinRemote requires a port for each portal and gateway)
  • pinRemoteX supports the free certificate “Let’s Encrypt”
  • pinRemoteX is the base for our hardware solution “pinBox”


pinRemoteX is a comprehensive HTML5 based Remote Access solution with the following features:

Key features:

ZERO client install
No installation process required on client, no plug-ins, no Flash, no ActiveX, no applets

Cross browser
Supports all HTML5 compliant browsers like IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the mobile editions on e.g. iPad, Android

Cross platform
All client platforms are supported that provide a HTML5 compliant browser like Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, Android etc.

High performance access
Very fast access and display in browser, faster than native RDP clients

Easy to use and to configure
Install pinRemoteX and run your application within some minutes

Secure Access
Supports secure layers for secure https/wss access. Token based system, no credentials are transferred.

Provides access to virtual desktops in VDI environments
All RDP based VDI systems like Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare, Cirtix, Oracle VM are supported

NLA Support
pinRemote supports accessing desktops by Network Level Authentication

File upload/Download
Upload/download files to/from the remote drive

Remote Printing
Print content to your client printer

Clipboard support
Clipboard redirection: supports text, image and html formats when copying between local and remote machines. Supports all formats and file copy between RDP sessions

Sound support
Brings sound to local or leave it on remote computer

Keyboard support
Keyboard settings for international keyboards can be made in client


Special features:

Let’s Encrypt support
The free certificate services is natively supproted.

2-Factor Authentication
2FA is supported by email and Google Authenticator

A PC can be turned on automatically before connecting

Easy printing
printing can be enabled by activating a checkbox

Active Directory support
AD credentials check can be made before connecting

Update system
An update system is available for installing software updates via internet

Disable Internet Access
Internet access can be disabled for security reasons, so only access in internat network is possible.

Multi Language
Multiple languages are supported, more will come.



Please find below a comparison sheet between pinRemoteX and pinRemote that shows the most important changes.




Operating System:


Windows Server


Virtual machine (vmdk, vhd, ova)




2 (Portal, Gateway)



Requires setup of Windows components


Let’s Encrypt and own certificate

Own certificate


Desktop only (currently)

Desktop and Apps



Download and installation required



User portal:


Load Balancing/
Fail over:


AD support:




Please find all additional information in encloses documents:

pinRemoteX Manual


Licensing is based on cloud based licensing system.