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Our products persue all a consistent strategy:
Accessing all ressources in network via browser!
Thus access is possible at any time, from any location and from any device.

pinRemote - Remote Desktop/Apps for Windows Server
pinRemoteX - Remote Desktop as Virtual Machine
pinBox - Remote Desktop as hardware appliance
pinRemoteManager - Remote Desktop for Server



browserONLY Access Solutions

pinRemote 4.0
Remote Desktop and Remote Apps based on RDP/HTML5!

Honored from experts!
The federal association of IT Experts has audited now pinRemote and awarded a quality seal with 5 stars.

"With its many useful and efficient features, its flexible and fast integration and, last but not least, the user-friendly handling, the application “pinRemote" could convince in our evaluation."

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pinRemote for Sharepoint
Online Office, Remote Desktop and Remote Apps in Sharepoint

Extend Sharepoint to a universal portal:
Editi documents in Sharepoint directly in browser with the standard Office programs, access your desktop or use published windows applications.

browserONLY Access Solutions VM

Remote Access Next Generation

pinRemoteX is our Remote Access system of next generation.

Ready to go as Virtual Machine
pinRemoteX is available as Virtual machine for different VM containers.

Linux based
pinRemoteX runs as web app license optimised under Linux.

Easiest configuration
By using the web app configuration is a childs play!






browserONLY Hardware Solutions

New - pinBox: The Remote Access appliance!

The new pinBox is a hardware appliance specialized to Remote Desktop access.

The first Remote Desktop appliance!
pinBox is the first Remote Desktop appliance offering HTML5 based remote desktop features.

Based on standard Hardware
pinBox is offered for Intel and ARM technology depening on the user number.

Running pinRemoteX
pinBox contains our pinRemoteX software with all of the benefits.




browserONLY Access Tools

Coming soon - pinRemoteManager!

The access tool allows accessing servers in local network and in customer networks.

Access to all servers with one tool!
With pinRemoteManager you can access servers in local network and in customers networks.

Central Management
Server connections have to be setup only one time and are then available for all users.

Access via Intranet or Internet
pinRemoteManager can be accessed via Intranet as well as Internet (optional). So, accessing servers is possible at any time and from any device.

Ready to run as Virtual Machine
pinRemoteManager is delivered ready to run as VM for the known VM containers.



pinBox is available!


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